Some major steps to print an email from Yahoo

Some major steps to print an email from Yahoo

Yahoo mail offers you lots of advanced and reliable features so you can share your data securely. You can send pictures, files, documents and various other data with Yahoo mail. Another helpful feature of Yahoo mail is the print option. Yahoo allows the users to take the print of an email. Now whether you have a list of grocery items, instructions, or song lyrics; you can easily print it from your Yahoo mail. 

How to print an email from Yahoo?

  1. Go to your PC and open internet browser

  2. Search for Yahoo mail and login to your account

  3. Go to Yahoo mail tab

  4. Open the page you want to take a print

  5. Click on the Print icon 

  6. If you don’t see the print icon then go to the More menu option and then choose the print option

  7. You will get a print wizard on your screen

  8. Check the wizard and make the changes on your printouts like the number of printouts, paper size, and layout

  9. Now click on the Print button

Your printer will start printing your Yahoo mail

Printing email from Yahoo Mail Basic

You can also print your mail using the Yahoo mail basic. Follow the given steps and print the Yahoo mail easily:

  1. Open your web browser

  2. Search for Yahoo mail

  3. Log in to the Yahoo mail and go to inbox tab

  4. From the emails, click on the email you want to print

  5. Go to the top-right side and click on the Print option

  6. A Print window will appear

  7. Check the page layout, number of copies, paper size, etc

  8. Once complete, click on the Print button

  9. A list of available printers will appear on your screen

  10. Click on the preferred printer

Your printer device will give you the Yahoo mail printout easily.

Printing Yahoo Attachments

Along with the emails, Yahoo also provides the accessibility to take printouts of the Attachments. But before printing the attachments, you have to save the file on your PC. Follow the given steps for printing Yahoo attachments:

  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox

  2. Click on the email where you received the attachment

  3. Click on the attachment and then hit the Preview option

  4. Choose Download option from the top-right pane

  5. The file will start downloading on your computer

  6. Once complete, go to your Downloads (or where you have downloaded the attachment)

  7. Open the file and give a print command

  8. Right-click on the file and choose Print (or press Windows+P keys from your keyboard)

  9. You will get a print screen

Make the changes according to the requirements like layout, number of copies, etc and finally hit the Confirm button. Your printer will start printing your attachment.

Printing Attached Photo in Yahoo Mail 

A user can also share photos on Yahoo mail. Printing the photo on Yahoo mail is similar to printing the document. You have to save the photo on the device and then you can take the printout. 

Here are the steps for printing photo attachment:

  1. Go to your Yahoo mail 

  2. Open the email where you have received the photo

  3. Go to the attached photo

  4. Hit the Preview button

  5. Now choose the Print option

  6. The photo will start downloading on your device automatically

  7. Now open the downloaded photo

  8. Click on the Print option from the top right corner

If the print option is not available then go to the file section and then choose the Print button. You can also give the direct command by hitting Windows and P keys from the keyboard. On the Print wizard, check the settings and then make changes on number of copies, layout etc. Hit the Confirm button and the connected printer will start printing your photo.

Unable to print Yahoo email

Yahoo provides you with an email print service where you can easily take printouts of your emails and attachments. But there are certain policies of printing the file. There are certain files which restrict the print option which means you can share the file but can’t take the printout. If you are facing an error while taking the printout of Yahoo mail then check for the permission. If the file is restricted then ask permission from the sender and then try to take a printout. You can either take a colorful or monochromatic printout. Before giving a print command on Yahoo mail, make sure your device is connected to a printer. Yahoo print error can appear when you are giving a print command but there is no available printer. Check the available printer and then check the paper sheets. On your input tray, align all the sheets and then give the print command. If the pages are not aligned properly then the printer may get into a paper jam. If you are getting any errors while taking printouts of Yahoo mail then you can ask the Yahoo team for help.

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