How to Remove Shortcut Virus from PC & Pen Drives?

Hi guys now I arrived with an intriguing topic that lots of individuals were facing while having a pc which automatic generation of shortcut files or folders using the titles Autorun.inf, $RECYLE.BIN,TROJAN.EXE that's made in computer or even Pendrive unnecessarily after you have formated it. So, I also got the exact same problem and a few of my brothers solved it in command prompt using many commands that I do not understand even and that I heard from him and now I am giving the thing that I heard. These viruses produce shortcut names with exactly the exact same title as of first folder name that I had been amazed by viewing it. Should you follow the steps that I've given below you could eliminate removing a virus in your computer or Pendrive. Lots of people where utilizing Initial antivirus tools  like Mcafee, avast, avg, bitdefender and so on however mcafee subscription renewal  even though they will not eliminate 100 percent of the virus in the PC.

In case your computer's infected with shortcut virus and you also do not need to bother with subsequently download the applications I have given link under and follow the steps and have a secure computer. 

Here I shall say two approaches to eliminate virus:-

If you would like to remove the documents in pendrive. Firstly, check if the documents aren't in hidden mode and follow the steps.

Measure 1:-

Primarily, Connect your pendrive/usb/memory card into the pc and if your files get infected with virus then it'll show like this

Measure 2:-

When it shows just like then follow on the link below and then download document"Autorun exterminator" and Extract ità Double-click onto .Exe document and execute it and it works in desktop you'll have cross icon in telling pub and when you operate it eliminates autorun.inf like documents from the computer/usb/memory card.

Measure 3:-

In this step you need to eliminate shortcut virus with cmd prompt. But a lot of individuals where vexed with providing orders if it moved anything incorrect then complete process will moved wrong. So, here it's the Way to eliminate virus using cmd

Primarily, Click "Start" Then head to Run type cmd and click OK.

Following this enter this command: *

Or If your cmd preserved by administrator then you need to provide the password code won't work.

Notice:- I just substitute the letter K along with your driveway that you would like to erase the dictionary virus.

After pasting your code and then download the Malwarebytes'AntiMalware.

And utilize .exe file and upgrade itàperform"full scan". The default choice is fast scan and you'll be able to change it into complete scan and then choose your device or drive and scan it. There goes and you can permanently eliminate virus.

The process now I am inform about is that eliminates dictionary virus along with the instrument im gonna describe it that eliminates dictionary virus and vaccinate your USB from

Additional virus assault and creating shortcuts.

Dowload"USBFIX" And operate the .exe document and if you have anti virus it is not going to enable the usbfix to operate then disable the anti virus temporary out of control panel.

Plug on your usb/memory card pendrive and following plugin should you operate .exe file then click deletion and it'll restart your computer and operates itself and eliminates the shortcut virus indefinitely.

If you understand anything about please discuss with me on comment section I will attempt to post or perhaps update the article and discuss this to all of your buddies and keep secure your computer by eliminating threats.

In case you suffer from computer it is possible to use malwarebytes expert or utilize Microsoft security necessary and it is going to instantly eliminates virus on your PC.


Protecting your personal computer from other dangers is the largest challenge now a days however many anti virus tools is there but 100% virus are not eliminating. Thus, by the above mentioned actions you're able to eliminate virus from pendrives,usb and computers. If anybody know any other methods please comment below I will attempt to enhance this article.