How to install and activate your Norton 360 on PC?

Norton Inc. is a globally famous cybersecurity company which provides various advanced antivirus plans and other cybersecurity software. Norton antivirus offers you protection from every type of cyber threat. You can install Norton antivirus on PC, Mac, and phone devices. Norton also provides a multi-license antivirus plan where you install a single Norton plan on your various devices.

Things to consider before installing Norton antivirus on PC

Update your Windows

You should always check for the Windows update before installing antivirus. Go to the Settings and click on Security and Update. If you see a new update for your OS then install it immediately.

Purchase a compatible Plan

Norton antivirus provides plans according to the system resources. Make sure you are purchasing a Norton plan which is compatible with your PC. Check all the specifications of your computer and then purchase a suitable Norton plan.

Remove all the junk from PC

Your system junk such as temporary files can interrupt your Norton installation process and may conflict other processes. You should clean out all the junk from your device before installing Norton antivirus. Remove temporary files, caches, cookies, etc from your computer and then install Norton.

Remove another antivirus plan

If your device has another antivirus plan (or another Norton setup) then uninstall it. Never install multiple antivirus programs on the PC otherwise they will conflict whenever they detect any virus on the system.

Norton CD Installation

Norton setup is also available in CD. If you have a CD drive on the system then using CD for Norton installation is simple. CD installation is also preferable when your internet is weak. Purchase the Norton plan for a retail store. 

Open the box and check for the CD, setup manual, and key card. Now insert the CD on CD drive and wait until a setup wizard appears on the screen. Click on the wizard and Norton setup will start downloading. Now run the downloaded file and it will check for the resources. You have to wait until the next screen appears. You will get a Norton activation window. Check the key card and type the activation key carefully. Tap the activate button and follow the wizards. If Norton error 8504 appears on the screen then recheck the key. People often get confused between n/m, i/e, r/s, b/d, etc. After completing the steps, restart the PC and now you will see a Norton icon on your screen. Tap the Norton icon and scan your device.

Norton Online Installation

You can install Norton antivirus for the internet when you don’t have a CD drive. You should check the internet connection and always install antivirus when the internet is stable. For purchasing Norton, you have to visit the Norton antivirus website. Follow the steps for purchasing and installing Norton:

  1. Open Norton website

  2. Choose the Norton plan

  3. Click on Buy option

  4. The login screen will be displayed

  5. Log in Norton with your credentials

  6. If you are new then create an account

  7. Enter the details and click on Next button

  8. Billing page will appear

  9. Enter the billing details

Click on the Pay Now button and wait until the payment completes. Open the email you have provided while purchasing Norton. Open the email you received from Norton. Click on the setup URL and it will start checking for resources. Wait until the activation window appears. Copy the key from the email and paste it on the activation window. Tap the activate button and follow the instructions. Once complete, restart your Windows device and Norton will get installed on the PC. Click on the Norton icon and the dashboard will appear. Click on the full scan option and Norton will flush out all the malware from your PC.

Norton provides a yearly subscription to the user. When your Norton license expires, renew it immediately. If you are using auto-renewal service of Norton then the Norton plan will renew automatically a month before expiry. You can also renew the Norton plan manually. If you renew your Norton antivirus setup before the expiry date then the remaining days of the previous Norton antivirus plan will get added to the new one. If you have any query regarding Norton antivirus setup then you can ask the Norton technical team for help.