How AVG Safeguards Business From Cyber Threats?

How AVG Safeguards Business From Cyber Threats?

AVG antivirus is a popular security software program which offers excellent antivirus plans for home users as well as for business use. The business plan of AVG antivirus provides numerous advanced tools for keeping your business secure from cyber attacks. If you have a business then getting a good security service is necessary. 

You can easily download and install AVG antivirus on your devices. Once you get the license, you can easily take care of your business with the advanced tools. If you want to keep your business always secure then you should always renew the AVG plan before the expiry date. The remaining days of the previous subscription plan will get added to the new one. AVG also has an auto-renewal feature which renews the plan a month before expiry and the payment will occur from your credit card. But if you don’t want to go for auto-renewal then cancel AVG subscription. Now you have to renew your AVG antivirus plan manually. 

Cloud Management Console

Managing the cloud console manually is not easy. AVG antivirus provides an excellent management tool which manages your network and devices from a single location which means you can monitor all the activity on your whole location in one device. This tool helps to inspect your network regularly. 

File Shield

AVG antivirus provides an extra shield of protection to your device and data. When you use AVG antivirus, it flushes out all the malware from your device. Dangerous malware can corrupt your file or make changes in it. But AVG antivirus prevents all these activities and keeps your files and other data secure. Whenever you download any file or insert any flash drive; AVG antivirus scans it before loading. It loads the file only when it is safe otherwise AVG will send your file to the quarantine folder.

Email protection

AVG also takes care of your emails. This antivirus checks your every incoming email. If the email contains harmful attachments; AVG will send the email to the spam folder. It also checks the sender’s address and checks whether it is reliable or spam. AVG antivirus also inspects outgoing emails. If the cybercriminal hacks your email account, they can use it for spamming or use it for recovering the password of other accounts. AVG antivirus checks all the outgoing traffic of your email account to prevent every type of threat.

Link Scanner

The link scanner tool scans every link and tells the user whether it is safe to use or not. This tool also scans the links on Facebook and Twitter. Hackers send bogus links for phishing. But this tool analyses the link and tells the user about the credibility. If the link is malicious then you should not click on the link. 

Behaviour Shield

The behaviour shield checks your network regularly. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, this tool inspects the network. If the behaviour shield tool detects any suspicious activity on the network; it alerts you immediately and blocks the network from accessing any of your files. 


A personal firewall is one of the best network security tools for business as well as for home users. Firewall checks all your incoming data packets actively. If any malicious data packet tries to enter the network; the firewall blocks it and protects your device and data. This personal firewall also monitors the outgoing traffic on your network. If any data packet is travelling outside the device without your concern then it will block the network and prevent data loss. 

Cyber Capture

If AVG finds and unrecognized files which seem suspicious then it will send the file directly to Avast’s Threat Labs for analysis in real-time. 

Smart Scanner

AVG antivirus offers a smart scanner which maintains your device’s health. It removes all the dangerous malware like viruses, keyloggers, spyware, Trojan Horses, etc from the PC. It provides a quick scan feature to scan your device with a good speed. 

Data Shredder

Data shredder is a very crucial tool for business. This tool helps in disposing of your files and reports permanently. When you delete the files from the PC, it doesn’t get removed permanently. Hackers can recover your files with the recovery tools. But when you delete the data with a data shredder; it can’t be recovered. This tool is a very good tool for disposing of your crucial files. AVG also provides round the clock English support for resolving all the queries and issues. Visit here if you want to know more antivirus services such as avast cleanup premium how to cancel , Mcafee, Bitdefedner, Norton and so on.