Cancel Avast Cleanup free trial and auto subscription for all devices

Cancel Avast Cleanup free trial and auto subscription for all devices

Avast is a popular antivirus which offers various premium as well as free plans to the users. Avast antivirus has various features and tools varies in range, features, and compatibility. You can easily find a reliable antivirus for your device. Avast also offers good features in its freeware plan. If a user wants antivirus for basic protection then you can install the free plan. Avast provides virus scan, junk cleaner and device optimization tools in its freeware. But if you are a netizen or you use the internet for your professional work then you must install a premium Avast plan on your device. 

You can install the free Avast plans directly on your device. But for premium plans, you need to create an Avast account and then purchase the plan. Go to the Avast website and check for the plan which is compatible with the device. Now check all the Avast plans compatible with your device. Check the features and tools of Avast antivirus plans. Choose the plan you want to install and then create an Avast account. You need to enter all the details while creating the account. Enter an email address where you receive your Avast setup. After creating the account, you need to make the payment. Enter your billing details and purchase Avast antivirus. Now open the email address and click on the setup. The setup will start checking for device resources. Now follow the on-screen instructions for installing the Avast plan. 

You get a yearly Avast subscription for your device. Once your Avast subscription expires, you need to renew it. Avast also provides auto-renewal where your Avast plan will get renewed automatically. If you don’t want Avast antivirus to get auto-renewed then cancel the Avast auto-renewal mode.

Cancelling Avast Auto-subscription

You can cancel your Avast auto-subscription in multiple ways. If you don’t want Avast antivirus to get auto-renewed then you need to cancel it before the expiry date. In case your Avast plan has been renewed then you need to go for Avast cleanup cancel and then ask for the refund. But you can ask for the refund within 30 days. If you cancel the Avast subscription prior the expiry date then you can use Avast until the plan gets expired. Now you can purchase another Avast plan for your device. If you want to use the same plan then you need to renew the plan manually.

Cancelling Avast Auto-Renewal with Digital River

You can use the Digital River for cancelling the Avast Auto-Renewal plan if you have purchased the plan from the Avast online store. Go to Avast website and click on Find Orders. Now enter your Avast order number and type the password. Order verification may take some time. Once complete, click on Manage Subscription order. Now go to Automatic renewal tab and toggle the switch to disabled. A confirmation message will appear. Click on the Confirm button. You will also get a confirmation message on your email.

Cancelling Avast Auto-Renewal with Avast Account

You can also cancel the auto-renewal mode by using the Avast account. Go to the Avast website and click on the Sign In button. Enter your Avast credentials and password. Go to your Avast Account and click on Licenses and select Your Licenses option. Search for Auto-Renewal License option and choose Cancel Auto-Renewal option. A verification wizard will appear on the screen. Select Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription option. You will get a confirmation message on your email account.

Contact Avast Customer Support

If you are unable to cancel Avast auto-renewal plan then you can ask the Avast technical team for help. Once confirming all the details, the Avast team will cancel Auto-renewal mode and provide the refund.

Avast antivirus provides a 30-days free trial for its premium plans. Sometimes the user isn't able to decide which Avast plan to purchase. For troubleshooting your query, you can use the Avast trial. It allows you to use all the premium features of Avast antivirus for a month without any cost. Inspect all the premium tools of Avast antivirus and check whether you need those tools or not. If not, then you have to cancel the free-trial within 30 days and your amount will get refunded. After cancelling the plan, you can try another Avast antivirus plan easily.

If your Avast antivirus is about to expire and you don’t have an auto-renewal plan then you need to renew the plan manually. Open the dashboard of Avast antivirus and click on My Subscription option. Now click on the Renew button and you will be redirected to the Avast website. Login to your account and click on the Renew button. Enter the billing details and click on the Confirm button. After renewing Avast plan then you can use Avast antivirus reliably.