Affordable McAfee Antivirus & Internet Security Program

Affordable McAfee Antivirus & Internet Security Program

McAfee antivirus is available for various OS platforms. You can install McAfee on Windows PC, smartphones, and Apple devices. McAfee antivirus plans provide various advanced security tools and services for data and network protection. McAfee plans are available in both online and retail stores. You can easily get your McAfee plan accordingly. 

If you have a CD drive on your computer then you can either go for online installation or retail installation. But you should choose the online installation only if your internet connection is smooth. If your internet connectivity is weak then you should go for retail purchase. Open your McAfee retail box and check for the CD and McAfee card.

Insert the McAfee CD on CD drive and follow the given steps:

  1. Go to This PC and run the McAfee installer

  2. End-User Agreement Page will appear on your screen

  3. Read the Agreement

  4. Click on Agree button

  5. Follow the on-screen commands

  6. Activation prompt will appear on the screen

  7. Check the key from the card and enter on the box carefully

  8. Press the Confirm button

  9. McAfee sign in prompt will appear on the screen

If you have a McAfee account then you can click on the Login button and enter your credentials. If you are a new user then fill the McAfee fill-up form. After creating the McAfee account, tap the finish button. Now restart your device and a McAfee icon will appear on your desktop. Click on the icon and run a full system scan. 

If you have a retail McAfee setup but your CD drive is not working then follow the given steps for installing McAfee:

  1. Open your McAfee retail box and check the web link on the card

  2. Open your web browser and search for the link

  3. Choose your country

  4. Choose the language

  5. Activation prompt will appear on the screen

  6. Type the key (given on your McAfee product key car)

  7. Sign in prompt will appear

  8. Enter your McAfee credentials

Now login to McAfee account on your device and download the setup. Follow the on-screen wizards for completing the McAfee installation process.

McAfee Web Installation

McAfee web installation allows you to install the McAfee antivirus on any device. Follow the given steps for installing McAfee antivirus:

  1. Open a web browser and search for McAfee antivirus

  2. Go to the McAfee website

  3. Click on For Home

  4. A list of various McAfee antivirus plans will appear

  5. Click on the Plan you want to buy

  6. Read about its features

  7. Click on Next button

  8. You will be redirected to the shopping cart page

  9. Review your order and click on Next button

  10. McAfee sign in form will appear

If you an existing McAfee user then you can enter your McAfee credentials otherwise create a McAfee account. Enter a working email address as you will receive your setup on the email. 

Fill the billing details

Click on the Purchase button and wait until you see a confirmation message. Now open the email account that you have entered while purchasing the McAfee antivirus. You will see an email from McAfee. Open the McAfee email and click on the setup URL. A permission prompt will appear on your screen. Click on the Yes button and then follow the on-screen commands from completing the installation.

When you activate your McAfee antivirus, you can use its features until you have a running subscription. Once the McAfee subscription expires then you have to renew McAfee subscription free for using the plan. You Should renew your McAfee plan before the expiry. It will ensure the user that his device is never vulnerable to the threats. If you have a few days left on your previous McAfee subscription then those days will get added on your new McAfee subscription.